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What is the flavorful appeal of OKONOMIYAKI?
Though it may taste so ordinary, it is a taste you will somehow never forget. We were inspired by our parents' cooking. The deliciousness reminds us of our parents' wishes for our smiles of happiness and good health to last for our whole lives. We provide naturally healthy OKONOMIYAKI which consists of many healthy ingredients for a well-balanced diet. "Tasty-Healthy" is the focus of OKONOMIYAKI's flavorful appeal and we use only domestically produced vegetables.

Come and try tasty and healthy at Dohtonbori The District today!

Opening Hours

Re-opening 2 November

Monday12pm - 10pm

Tuesday12pm - 10pm

Wednesday12pm - 10pm

Thursday12pm - 10pm

Friday12pm - 10pm

Saturday12pm - 10pm

Sunday12pm - 10pm

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