Lord of the Fries
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The idea behind Lord of the Fries began over late night snack excursions early in 2004. Mandy and Mark’s love for fries drew them closer, and their disdain for nasty frozen chemical fries inspired them to create the perfect fry.

They wanted fresh potatoes, thick but not too thick, crispy but not too crunchy, delicious and saucy, the mission began. It was the beginning of a vegetarian fast food revolution. The Lord was born!

The menu has also expanded and includes Veggie Burgers, Onion Rings, Vegetarian Nuggets and Vegetarian Hot Dogs. The Lord is Vegan, Kosher and Halal; she is inclusive as can be and loves everyone.

Viva la Lord!

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Ground Floor

Opening Hours

Monday11am - 6pm

Tuesday11am - 6pm

Wednesday11am - 6pm

Thursday11am - 6pm

Friday11am - 6pm

Saturday11am - 6pm

Sunday11am - 6pm

Lord of the Fries
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