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Good photography excites our senses,
challenges our perceptions,
and helps us better consider our world.

MAGNET is designed to draw together people with an interest in and a passion for photography, to share their knowledge, experience and aspirations and gain new insights and expertise.

MAGNET (MAGNET Galleries Melbourne Inc.) is not-for-profit. At its core is a desire to preserve and celebrate the best of Australian photography and encourage excellence among established and emerging photographers.

It is also seeking to expand local photographers’ horizons by developing international links and joint projects with photographic institutions in Europe and Asia.

MAGNET’s collection includes the Neil McLeod Collection (over 20,000 images of Indigenous life over the last 50 years), the Albert Brown collection of the 1950s and 1960s (including Lake Tyers Mission) and rare historical glass plate negatives and stereo slides, including the Gallipoli series by Sir Charles Snodgrass Ryan.

In line with its aim of encouraging budding photographers, MAGNET is seeking to forge links with educational institutions. It is already collaborating with The University of Melbourne's Wilin Centre, Northern College of Arts and Technology, and RMIT.

Through its commercial partner, Photonet, it provides fine art printing services, advice and support for established and emerging photographers.


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