Come and celebrate the talented children with The District Docklands Christmas Tree Exhibition.

This year we collaborated with local primary schools and groups in our community to help us decorate Christmas trees. Each school and community group was given 2 Christmas trees to decorate.

Participating schools/community groups include:

-Port Melbourne Primary School

-Small Tree: TOY TREE
Christmas Memories from under our Christmas Tree
The toys were donated by our students and stuck on by many little hands.
Our tree was inspired by Jackson Pollock, Herve Tullet and our students unedited ability to create art.

-Tall Tree: Our Story Tree
Our students told and illustrated tales of their community, traditions, family celebrations and Christmas memories.
Our tree was inspired by our many students and their families.

-Albert Park Primary School

Some amazing students in grade 4 came up with the ideas for our two Christmas trees. They decided to think a little more deeply about what their artwork on the tree could represent.

They have been painting backyard birds using their own sightings and also the information from the Backyard Birds of Victoria website. We have all been amazed and delighted to discover the diversity of the birdlife in our local area. We feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such an abundance of bird-life so the students wanted to increase everyone’s awareness and encourage everyone to care for our birds. We hope more people are encouraged to care for our local environment, keep cats inside and plant gardens that are helpful for our birds.

Koalas live in trees but not usually Christmas trees so this is an unexpected tree that is designed to surprise and encourage people to also think about our amazing animals. The children thought it would be a fun way to encourage more people to consider our wildlife and the environment this Christmas. All of the birds and koalas were drawn and painted by students from grade 3 and 4.

Kind regards,
Marion Marks
Visual Art Specialist
Albert Park Primary School

-South Melbourne Primary School

The decoration of the Christmas Trees has been the highlight of our Art program this year. All of the students designed their own tree and the final work is a combination of many student designs. The project has reinforced one of our schools values – community. Everyone has had the opportunity to get involved. We’ve even been singing Christmas songs while working on the project. Good times!!

-North Melbourne Primary School

After brainstorming themes for the Christmas trees, the children decided on the theme of ‘An Aussie Christmas’. One tree represents an Aussie beach Christmas, the other a clear summer’s night with stars shining from above.

-Footscray City Primary School

FCPS students have embraced another exciting artistic challenge, the decorating of two large Christmas trees for the District Docklands Christmas campaign. Students from Prep to Grade 6 expressed what Christmas means to them.  Students' artistic talents are evident in the creative approach utilized and the application of a variety of mediums.
Well done Footscray City Primary School!  I am so lucky to work with such talent!
Congratulations everyone!!!
Fotini Hearn
(Art Teacher FCPS)

-Carlton Gardens Primary School

These trees were a collaboration by the Prep and Grade 6 students at Carlton Gardens Primary School during their weekly Art lessons in Term 4. The Prep students were especially excited to decorate the trees and see the finished product. The Prep's looked at pattern and colour to create vibrant decorations for the Christmas trees.
While the Grade 6 students embossed foil to create metallic ornaments.
We hope you enjoy our creations!

-Giraffe Early Learning Centre - Docklands

The Children in the centre worked collaboratively to paint and decorate both trees. The Children were able to explore different mediums and styles during this project. The materials used meant that children of all ages were able to participate in some way to this project. Decorating the trees started many exciting conversations about Christmas, Santa and the Giving Tree we have set up in the centre. The Children are so proud and excited to see the completed project.

-The Lost Forests - Docklands

The Christmas trees will be on display in Centre for everyone to view this festive season.