The District Makers Market is back - and we're kicking it off with our Dog Market! WOOF!

That's right.... bring your furry friends along for all the treats, accessories and outfits their little hearts desire, or yours!

Check out the line up so far!

Doggie Tid Bits Dog Food
The Treat Supply Dog Biscuits
Klay Creations Dog Shaped Earrings
The Gap Cafe Food Dog Cafe
Julie Duncan Photos Pet Photography
Doge JM Pet Artworks
Sage and Thyme Soaps
Seeds of Soul Clothing
Narelle Dogan Tarot
Clare Greenwood Artworks
George Cannoli Food Cannoli
Kals Quilling Paper Accessories
Lovelies Bee Accessories
Petrichor Candles Candles
Anna Camilleri Accessories
Little Hangry Women Accessories
Bad Bees Food Honey
Sylvi and Flora Polymer Jewellery
Goodness Light Luv Jewellery Silver
Ruler Growth Chart Measuring Chart
Luna & Yara Polymer Jewellery
Lenzo + Merchant Candles
TŌJIKI Room Ceramics
Kangaroo Bed Dog Bed 
Gardartish Dog Jackets
Peachy Keen & Innate Pets  Dog Treats
Lithos Melbourne  Jewellery Silver 
Kals Quilling Paper Accessories 
Yaron Diamant Skincare

// If you are a stall holder and you're interested in being a part of our market, we are looking for art, design, tasty treats and everything in between - APPLY NOW