ArtVo is closing down temporarily for a full makeover!

Their last day of trade will be on Sunday 4 August 2019, so if you are holding any ArtVo tickets, please ensure you redeem those before they close. ArtVo will re-open with new art in the near future.

Welcome to ArtVo.

Not your traditional gallery, one where you are encouraged to touch and interact with the artwork, photographing yourself to become part of the art!

ArtVo is an immersive art gallery or ‘trick art’ gallery and is the first of its kind in Australia, opening its doors in August of 2016 at The District Docklands, joining our vast entertainment offering.

There are over 11 themed zones to explore at ArtVo, each featuring incredible hand painted artworks covering the walls and floors, so you can immerse yourself in different scenes and locations and become part of famous paintings.

It took just 60 days for 100 artworks to be completed, by 14 incredible artists with over 40 years’ experience.

And if you have visited ArtVo before, let us tell you, you haven’t seen it all! There’s new art to see in the gallery now so there are more adventures to be had.

It is the perfect place to visit with your family, friends and even team members, and it’s fun for all ages!

For best photos on the day we have some tips:

/Make sure your camera or phone is fully charged before you arrive at the gallery.
/Wear lighter clothing (black and dark grey is not recommended) so it’s easier to see you in the picture.
/For best photos, look at the Photo Point on the ground and follow the directions for best results. This includes phone orientation; whether vertical or horizontal, how to stand, and whether to keep your flash on or off.
/Stand directly on the Photo Point for best positioning.
/Be creative, and most of all HAVE FUN!


Did you know?

/ArtVo is happy to host your next school excursion! Teachers, parents and kids of all ages love ArtVo. With all the fun themed zones the students can explore interactive large-scale pieces of artwork, painted directly on the walls and floors, and best off all they can touch the art! Plus, you will take away memories and experiences that last a lifetime.


/ArtVo happily welcomes guests with special needs or disabilities to enjoy the full immersive gallery experience. The venue is wheelchair-accessible and their friendly staff are always happy to assist you in any way they can so you can enjoy all the gallery has to offer.

If you wish to find out more, please contact the gallery on 03 9600 1118.

Getting to ArtVo

ArtVo is located in the Docklands, just 5 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and easily accessible by public transport, or car/motorbike with convenient onsite parking at The District Docklands.

Best parking is the WEST CAR PARK, accessible off Pearl River Road. LEVEL 1 will take you straight to the gallery.

And if you wish to stay connected, check out the ArtVo Facebook and Instagram page and see the fun photos – or even better, pay them a visit and experience it for yourself!