Visit The District Docklands to check out the beautiful artworks by students from local schools in our community. We asked the schools to interpret Family and Friends through art, and we are overwhelmed with the response!

We have been fortunate enough to be joined by North Melbourne Primary School, Footscray City Primary School and Albert Park Primary School. And our very own Giraffe Early Learning Centre has joined in the art fun!

Everyone is welcome to come and view the painting in the Centre, every day of the week.

Footscray City Primary School

Fotini Hearn is the art teacher at Footscray City Primary School and feel’s very privileged to be a part of the art campaign at The District Docklands. Students' hard work and artistic talent is evident in their fabulous paintings.

Footscray City Primary School is excited to be a part of this year’s The District Docklands art campaign. Situated in the Inner West, FCPS is a vibrant school community with a dedicated team of teachers focused on student learning, engagement and well-being. Teaching is explicit and individualised to provide rich learning opportunities to empower students success in all areas of life.  Footscray City Primary School embraces and celebrates the Arts as a major component of their curriculum and through their art shows and performing arts events.

North Melbourne Primary School

North Melbourne Primary School is a wonderful inner city school where kids from all different cultures and backgrounds come together to learn. Nerinda and Melissa have been working together teaching visual arts at North Melbourne Primary School for many years. They find tremendous joy in seeing kids create, make, explore and respond to art. Their program gives students the opportunity to work with a wide range of mediums, build skills, develop creativity and present both 2D and 3D artworks. They both feel they have the best job!

Albert Park Primary School

At Albert Park Primary School, Literacy and Numeracy are at the core of their curriculum, and they offer a range of opportunities in the arts, in languages, in science, in Australian history and in sport and physical education. They use technology to engage all students in every lesson. They are a friendly school where children and teachers have a strong sense of belonging. They celebrate success and support each other when things go wrong.

They all strive to maintain the strong, unique culture of Albert Park Primary School; to encourage others, to take pride in doing their best, to work as a team and to see every day as an opportunity to learn and enjoy.

Giraffe Early Learning Centre

Giraffe Early Learning Centre Owner and staff are committed to providing children and families with a co-ordinated approach to a warm, nurturing and engaging environment that celebrates diversity and the right of every child to have access to high quality care regardless of their individual needs.

We understand the important role the Centre plays in nurturing and educating the children in our care and through our staff development, loving relationships based on trust and security are formed. Your children come first and meeting their needs is our priority. Our aim is to provide an environment where your children can grow and develop to their full potential.

For you as parents, we endeavour to provide a flexible environment which best suits your needs. Our hours of opening are designed to ensure that you can meet your work commitments, knowing that your children are safe and secure in child care with us. Each of our team members will discuss with you how best to work with your child – their likes, dislikes and particular interests and needs.

Our open door policy invites you to call in whenever you wish to spend time with your child. We also seek your feedback on our centre operations to ensure that we are meeting both your and your child’s needs.